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21 Folks Who Stand Out As Thought Leaders In Their Niche & How You Can Too – Part 2 of 3

Incredible folks in music…..

  • An oral wizard
  • a guitar maestro
  • a google pioneer
  • an articulate DJ
  • a business woman
  • an indie DIYer
  • and a man close to Lady Gaga.

All thought leaders.

And a city night story

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21 Folks Who Stand Out As Thought Leaders In Their Niche & How You Can Too – Part 1 of 3

The record industry does this all the time.

For instance. Take Amy Winehouse. Retro-revivalist. Then after her, other record labels saw people loved this, then got some artists together and pushed them into the whole retro thing. The problem is, that the public saw it as a cheap tactic.

“What’s so different about the new girls?” We’ve already got Amy?”

Amy Winehouse was definitely unique, and just as with anything, standing out requires being different. Amy Winehouse wasn’t the first to sing jazz or motown, but she was the first retro-revivalist to merge the two.

So here are 21 folks who stand out, not in music, but in business.

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Where Should Eye Grabbing Blog Statements Go?

9 Different Places To Steal More Than Just Glances  From Visitors


33 Examples From Bloggers Who Are Getting Stares


The violent and yet creative Michelangelo Caravaggio snuck them into his paintings.

Speaker trainer Nancy Daniels coaches her public speaking students to do more than just make them.

Motorcyclists are less likely to do it than if they were driving a car in view to potentially dangerous traffic.

What on earth am I talking about?


You know. When you look to see what’s going on. Your job, as the blogger, is to turn that glance into a second look, a third look, a stare.

That’s right. Kathleen O’Toole once said that serendipity “plays a role in what people read. They look around a web news page, and when their eye catches something, they read it.”

So what happens when they land on your blog. Well…

Here are 12 places we can put our blog headlines to steal more than just a glance.

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11 Real-World Ways That Bloggers Grab Attention In 6 Seconds Or Less

We are starved of time.

So are visitors to our blogs.

Free The Animal blogger wrote this humbling fact, “the world we grew up in is crashing down around our ears. Nothing has collapsed yet, and there is no blood in the streets – so far.”

People have got more important things to do than trying to figure out blogs and whether they’re useful to them or not.

So to grab folks attention, you can start with a simple technique. 

That’s what I’ll be talking about today.

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80 Bloggers Who’ve Passed The “What’s-In-It-For-Me” 6 Second Test

The good Sally Hogshead of says we have 9 seconds to leave an impression and communicate our messages, in seemingly every sort of interaction, from online dating, to face-to-face meetings. –

So, are we answering the “What’s-In-It-For-Me” question for people who arrive on our blogs?

Do we answer it in 9 seconds or less?

And how will it help our visitors stick around for longer?

Find out how 80 bloggers do just that.

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Definition Of Success

What's Behind The Definition Of SuccessWant to use blogging as your medium to getting clients, customers or subscribers?

Then don’t make my mistake.


Jay Abraham wrote this:

“95 percent of all small- and medium-sized businesses and start-ups do not reach their goals. A whopping 95 percent! That’s an awful lot of failure stories. Why? Most businesses lack a concrete, clear picture of where the business is supposed to go.”The Sticking Point (eBook) by J. Abraham

So now I’m going to show you:

  • why WE ALL HAVE GOT TO have a definition of success, a manifesto, a goal for our blogs, and ultimately our businesses
  • why we need it right now
  • and why having one IS NOT ENOUGH to succeed on its own.

Enjoy what’s hopefully not so superfluous an article. :) Read Here

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