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April 29, 2012 9 Awesome Responses, but Add More Here

80 Bloggers Who’ve Passed The “What’s-In-It-For-Me” 6 Second Test

No Stopping

“9 seconds” says Sally Hogshead. That’s our attention span in this day and age.

Literally, we have no time to stop and take time with things.

Another report written by slashes that time by 1/3rd, with a 6 second glance period that job recruiters spend when looking at candidate CVs.

So what does that mean for us bloggers?

With no leap of the imagination, busy internet browsers like you and I have 6 seconds to convince visitors that our websites, our blogs, our information, our businesses are worth a longer look.

I searched and logged 80 blogs that tell us what they’re all about, and why we should stick around and read on.

Here are 80 blogs that have passed the What’s-In-It-For-Me 6 Second Test.

Savvy Writer

Savvy Writer“Cleveland Freelance Writer and Ghost Writer ” –

So you think, okay, a blog about a freelance writer. Hmmmm. But wait a sec!! If you quickly take a look at the sidebar, you get a mouthful of what’s to come, “Media Magnetism: How to Attract the Favorable Publicity You Want and Deserve.”

Ricardo Bueno

Productive Entrepreneur“Learn how to use blogs to create and promote content to earn awareness, traffic, and branding for your business.”-

Ricardo Bueno’s keyword here is, “Learn.” He will teach you. If you’ve clocked the whole blogging and traffic thing, like how Corbett Barr has, this may not be a lesson you’ll need to learn, but if you haven’t clocked it, Ricardo’s got great things in store for you!!

Boston Terriers Rock

Boston Terriers Rock

“A community of Boston Terrier lovers”

I don’t know about you, but at first their message didn’t seem that interesting. But of course it wouldn’t, I’m not a Boston Terrier lover because I don’t own one, or know anybody who owns one, and I don’t want any more pets because I do have 2 beautiful bengal cats, and if the title was, “A community of Bengal Cat lovers,” then my ears would prick up.

Maybe this is a style of message we can immitate. Lots of people love to be in a community.

La Petite Peach

La Petite Peach“At La Petite Peach, we playfully curate childhood. Here, you will find inspiration, fashion, travel musings, and products for selective mamas — including handpicked works from the most creative professionals in photography, interior design, events and more!”

La Petitie Peach kind’a hide the who-it’s-for part in the middle of their description, but they do distinctly say “selective mamas”. And which mother isn’t selective about what products that want to use for their children. They only want the best, and the photos are just absolutely gorgeous. This website is not for me, at least, not yet, but selective mamas might just love this.


Productive Entrepreneur

Produtive Entrepreneur

“More Time. More Money. More Focus”   –

Simple and straight to the point.

See Baby Grow

“See Baby Grow is an online baby boutique specializing in products that allow you to document your baby’s growth over their first year of life-right from day one!”

If you’re the first born of a family, maybe you were photoed almost every other day. Other parents like to mark up their walls with their child’s height. Even still, some create hand paint portraits for each stage of their children’s hand growth. Again, for parents, especially new parents, you could imagine they would affilate with this message quickly.

Laura Roeder

“Wanna use social media to find the raving fans that buy everything YOU offer?

Instead of saying who she’s speaking to, she says what the WHO desire. Desire goes beyond demographics.

Andreea Ayers

Andreea Ayers “T-Shirt Biz” -

 This in fact was in the navigation section. This is another great place to put a “what’s-in-it-for-me” statement, even if it is a little less obvious.

Right Mix Marketing

Right Mix Marketing“My name is Tom Treanor. I help you cut through the clutter and make online marketing easier to do and more effective for your business.”

Literally he says how he’ll help. If you’re not looking for that, fair enough, if you are, perfect.

Get Vyral

Get Vyral“Social Media Video Marketing & Blogging Service For Small Businesses & Professionals.”
They target small businesses and professionals. If you consider yourself one of those, you may want to find out what these guys have to offer. Seriously amazing.

Social Triggers

Social Triggers“Do You Know What Makes People “Tick” Online? If not, now’s the time to learn how to use psychology to: Turn Random Traffic Into Loyal Subscribers, Persuade People to Buy Your Products, Encourage People to Share Your Content and Website” –

Huge fan of psychology, not the “what-makes-a-criminal” pyschology, but “what-makes-people-buy-stuff” psychology. Imagine, discovering for the first time, a whole website dedicated to topics that just a year ago, you’d would have to go out there and buy, well, on amazon from the comfort of a computer chair, that was insane!!! And this guy does not disappoint.

Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts“Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO”
The fact that this guy is an online SEO celebrity, may contribute to his message all that more, but webmasters and SEO’ers everywhere are trying to get a piece of the page 1 action and would want to know, how their SEO will get them front page of Google for their keywords.

Harrison Amy

Harrison Amy“Copywriting that counts”

No confusion as to what she offers here, a copywriting service, and with several pages of testimonials, she’s definitely got a service that you can count on.

“Discover the copywriting tips that help you sell your services authentically.” (for her newsletter)

Harrison Amy
As you noticed, that last two entries were for HarrisonAmy. She has a message for those looking for a copywriting service, but she also has what I’d like to call, “The Come-Backability Factor.” She uses her message about copywriting tips to promote her newsletter, for those who want to do-it-themselves, which is simply awesome.

Grind & Thrive

Grind & Thrive“Conversations With Successful Trendsetters”

And this message does not disappoint. It’s unusual to see bloggers, especially ones with a philosophical edge, reach out to major label artists. If you want to learn how others achieved their success, this blog does that and more.

Go Toni

Tampa Real Estate“Tampa Real Estate Marketing & Sales”
Location specific messages are great, because we all know what it’s like when we’re in a new place, new town, new county or country. People aren’t the same. Even within cities, people have different accents and attitudes in certain parts of town. So making a message location specific is great for people wanting to market and sell the way that Tampa folk are most receptive to. What works in London, may not work in Paris.

Think Traffic

“Build A Thriving And Profitable Audience For Your Website Or Blog.”

Every blogger gets to the point where he or she asks, “how do I get more visitors?” Some of the most tantilizing spam products to end up in my inbox comes from folks promising that the world will come to your blog with some super software they’ve been cooking in their dorm. But is genuine, and uses genuine examples, and the assertive message doesn’t disappoint.

Scott H Young

“Over 850 articles devoted to one idea: how to get more from life. Whether that involves doubling your reading rate, learning more with less studying, beating procrastination or just understanding other people—and yourself.” -

Getting more out of life sucks…..

I’m kidding.

But he doesn’t just leave it at that. He says exactly what you can get out of life; learning more with studying less; understanding more people? Great! By taking a general statement, and showing examples of what he means, it’s tempting to read his blog to see what else he’s discovered to get more out of life.

Chris Guillebeau

Chris Guillebeau“Unconventional Strategies For Life, Work & Travel”×5

If you’re the person who won’t settle for normality, doing what society says is right for you, then an unconventional strategy is going to attract to you like wasps to sticky cake. He’s gone for a psychological message, as being unconventional for a lot of people, is a passionate subject.

The Minimalists

“Essays about minimalism and living a meaningful life with less stuff.”
The Minimalists
If you’re finding a more in-tune you, anything about minimalism may just stop you in your tracks, but essays are a great way of showing that there’s more to their blogs than just ramblings.










“Wanna Be Legendary?”  –

This one stands out like a fire at night. Wanna be legendary? Why, it’s a question that roots deep down because it represents desire, kind of like Laura Roeder’s message. Some people might not want to be legendary, but curiosity to may be all too alluring to pass up. The only thing that could let it down is, learning how to achieve legendary status might sound too good to be true.

Carmen Sognonvi

Carmen Sognonvi“Your Guide To Local Business Success”

This isn’t just about business success. It’s about local business success. Being ultra-specific can make those who are part of that smaller audience have more of an affinity for you message. Have you ever been a fan of a band or artist before they blew up. When they were small and no-one knew who they were, you would vouch for them and spread their message with everybody. As soon as they got so big that everybody knew them, you didn’t feel quite the need to do that anymore. Everybody was on the same page, and so the level of affiliation dropped along with the passion. Being as specific as you can might lose you entire audiences of people, but you can gain very passionate folk in the process that may make up for the loss.

Ryan Hanley

Ryan Hanley“inspiration for small business marketing success online…“

There are big corporations, chain companies, freelancers, sole traders and then somewhere in the middle, small businesses. Having a blog that solves problems for specific sets of people is more likely to attract them, because they know that you’re talking specifically to them and not anyone else. Everything you say, or most of it will be applicable to them, so they’ll trust your information. For example, heard of the Elevator Pitch. “Book Yourself Solid” writer, Michael Port says it was designed for pitching, like in the Dragon’s Den, not for forming business relationships. But if someone advises that you need one for your business, you may believe that applies to you.

Marks Daily Apple

Marks Daily Apple

“Primal Living In The Modern World”

If you know what paleo is, then this will interest you.

Hot Spring Happy

Hot Spring Happy“For people who like getting into hot water.”

This message on its own, might be misconstrued for people who like to get in trouble, but coupled with its navigational elements, and the photos, you’ll quickly realise, it’s literally about hot springs.

The Domestic Man

The Domestic Man

“The Domestic Man”

The Domestic Man is all about recipes!! Go figure. And it’s strange, because it’s not necessarily that only men can make these recipes, just like those ‘Good Woman’ books back in the day weren’t only just for women, but the blog has cut out a niche in the recipe topic, not by the usual of providing only certain types of recipes, but by providing who those recipes are for. Recipes for domestic men will connect rather quickly to those types of guys.

Live Your Legend

Live Your Legend

“Change the world by doing what you love.”

If you’re still not sure what the website’s about from the message, then just glance over to the side bar where Scott Dimsmore displays a toolkit dedicated to finding your new passionate career and doing what you love. If you’re in the mood for career change, again, this message will speak to you directly.

Vic Magary

Vic Magary

“Fitness is simple. Eat. Train. Rest. Repeat.”

Vic Magary’s message is also simple. If you’re into your fitness, no questions here. Plus, he says it’s simple. It entrigues me how, even if I have no desire to become a fitness girl.

Suit Case Entrepreneur

Suit Case Entrepreneur

“Creative Ways To Run Your Business From Anywhere”

The clue is in the website title and the domain name. And just in case we don’t get what a suitcase entrepreneur is, then the message explains. Be anywhere and do business. Brilliant.

Solo Female Travel

The Gypsy Gals

“Inspiring stories and practical advice for solo female travellers.”

You got to have your wits about you where ever you go, and so even if this doesn’t concern you right now, it’s something you may need to look at some point in the future, especially as a woman.

Annie Andre

Annie Andre“Helping Families With Kids & Busy Couples. Find Adventure. Go Travel. Live Your Dreams.”

Mother or father yet? One half of a couple? Looking for adventure? Annie Andre to the rescue.

Dr Shannon Reece

Dr Shannon Reece“The One Trusted Woman In A Man’s Business World” -

20+ start-ups were selected to pitch to investors at Seedcamp this year, the technological version of The Dragon’s Den. It was noted that women were the minority, an extreme minority even for the business world. So being able to stand out is not the issue, as they will obviously. But being a good business woman may play on those who are just entering the business or have been established. Knowing how to deal with that may catch a woman’s attention.

Charfish Design

Charfish Design

“Classy Websites. Gorgeous Ebooks. Look Better”

Again, it’s really inspiring to look at really well stated web design website. You expect to be enlighted on what makes a website classy, and how to get great ebooks designs.

Adventure Sauce

Adventure Sauce

“Creative Tips To Spice Up Your Work, Life & Travel”

I love this guy.

Benjamin Jenks has this video on youtube and quite literally, the whole of it, minutes long, is him standing in front of a camera with his arms outstretched most of the time, posing with a whole bunch of people in a whole bunch of places, all while sporting the same beard.

Who’d-a-thought that would be so entertaining. And he took the whole, meeting random people in everywhere to whole new level, so learning creative tips to spice up my work, life and travel from Ben would be interesting in deed.

Pocket Changed

“Learn How To Earn More Money Doing What You Love”

Everybody wants to earn money from doing what they love, and it seems that even more people want to lend their 2 cents worth in telling us how. But couple his blog statement with his comment stats, he definitely comes of legitimately.

Digital Nomad Journey

Digital Nomad Journey

“Empower yourself to quit the 9-5 grind and live purposefully! Skill you’ll learn: Minimalism. Online Business. Passion”

Okay. The 9-5 grind, as novel and fun as it is at first, can get pretty heavy when you throw in long commute times and the miserable faces on the way to and from work, but it’s what’s expected of all of us. Grinding out 8 hours a day.

So going against the 9-5 would appeal to the rebelliousness in all of us, and quite fittingly, the blogger himself sports a rather unusual looking Mohawk himself. Short and gothy. Didn’t take more than 6 seconds to get what this blog was about.

Peter Hemmingsen

Peter Hemmingsen“A recent BCom(Marketing/Management) graduate from the University of Auckland!”

Okay, this is not a blog, but this is a perfect example of exactly what a “what’s-in-it-for-me” message is all about. Even though I haven’t got any plans with working with a Bcom graduate in marketing and management, I don’t have to guess what he’s all about either.

Lora Kathleen

Lora Kathleen“Not all who wander are lost…. “

The message on its own didn’t make sense at first. But I scrolled down and started to get the picture. It’s a blog about someone’s own personal goals. In fact, marathon running and sky diving are pretty awesome goals right? This blog could be more explicit, but it made me have to scroll to check out what it’s all about.

Bootstrap My Life

Bootstrap My Life“This site is about helping you get off the ground.”

Great!! No mucking about. This blog says exactly what it will help you do. But then, exactly, what will it help you do? Thankfully, the side bar proved to answer that, “Learn how to take ownership over your professional life.” Cool.

Music Marketing Manifesto

Music Marketing Manifesto“Advanced strategies, secrets, tactics and tips for selling your music online.”

This guy is like the Frank Kern of music.

Maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit, but he applies all the marketing techniques and strategies employed by very successful internet marketers to musicians. So when he talks about advanced strategies that sell music online, for most musicians who are terrible at marketing, which is true, considering the copious amounts of talent out there that nobody sees or hears, this guy is an eye opener to musicians with an open mind about marketing themselves.

Yellow Rubber Ball

Yellow Rubber Ball“I’d love to help your business grow! I build websites and apps, & specialize in WordPress and BuddyPress.”

Saying she’d love to help your business grow on its own would probably mean nothing to you. But she also says how by letting you know what she does. She builds websites and apps. So that’s how she’ll help your business grow, with apps. Simples.

N Doherty

N Doherty“Think For Yourself, Live Your Dreams, Piss Off Some Zombies”

This blog was discovered through a guest post on, home to the most extraordinary writer of Never Eat Alone, super networker. Despite being vague, you get a hint it’s a light-hearted blog about going against the status quo.

Ridiculously Extraordinary

Ridiculously Extraordinary“Ridiculously Extraordinary. Freedom. Health. Travel. Life.”

Even though this blog is no longer being updated anymore, you kind’a get you’ve landed on a resource of how to live a ridiculously extraordinary life. :)


Studenomics“Kill debt. Have more money now. Enjoy life.”

Any college/university student who has racked up debts for their few years of study will definitely be interested in killing their debt. I’m sure they’d be interested in the “Online Income” article.

Ruth Zive Copywriting

Ruth Zive Copywriting“Copywriting, Content Marketing & Social Media”

So simple but so awesome. No beating around the bush. Ruth Zive’s blog statement is even in her video!! Brilliant! She’s definitely a copywriter. :) But for those who have to do copywriting themselves, or content marketing, or use social media to help bring attention their business, this seems like a one-stop shop for all these things.

Habit Of Thought

Habit Of Thought“How you think drives who you are and what you do. What are you thinking today?”

So it’s obvious she deals with psychology or self help, which is amazing because she doesn’t say it literally.

Just Add Cape

Just Add Cape“Adventures in becoming a real life superhero.”

Wanna be a super hero? With a feminine slant (yet again, sorry fellas), it definitely speaks to the heroine in us all.


QWITR“Try quitting for a change.”
Who wants to be known as quitter? But when you think about it, a lot of successful folks attribute quitting what seemed like the right and traditional thing to do to follow their dreams instead. So calling such ones visionaries is definitely a stroke for the ego.

Vlad Dolezal

Alive With Passion“feel deeply alive, every single day.”

Again, this speaks to desire. For those of us who go day-day without getting a hold on life, this definitely speaks loud and clear. Again, this targets desire, and not demographics.

Face And Fitness

Face & Fitness“Budget Beauty for Women. Save Money, Look Great!”

First off, should be turned into a magazine. Beauty tips on a budget is so ‘vogue’ right now within the recession.


50 blog in

I’m sure you get the idea. Here are 30 more blogss but without the commentary. If you’re in the middle of creating your own blog statement, these are great examples to learn from, as I surely have.

Everything Everywhere

Everything Everywhere“My name is Gary Arndt. In March 2007 I set out to travel around the world…”

Space Bar Press

Space Bar Press“Helping Geeks Sell Their Stuff.”

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness Blog“Level Up Your Life, Every Single Day.”

Nature Moms

Nature Moms Blog“A Mom’s Guide to Natural Family Life”

Auto Blog

Auto BlogNavigation elements: “Automobiles” followed by “Enthusiast”


Art of Manliness

Art of Manliness

“Reviving the lost art of manliness.”

Supersonic Electronic

Supersonic Electronic

“An art and culture source.”

Desmog Blog

Desmog Blog

“Clearing the PR Pollution that Clouds Climate Science”

Old Soul Music

Old Soul Music“This is Old Soul Music, a blog dedicated to deep soul gem digging. Old Soul Music is a counterpart to She Thinks I Still Care, a traditional Country & Western music blog.”



Motema“Promoting recording artists of power and distinction since 2003.”


Hear Ya“Indie Bands. Live Sessions. Downloads.”

Japanese Streets

Japanese Streets“Japanese street fashion, street culture, and catwalk fashion. Real people. Real clothes. Real cool.”

It says what it is. Japanese street fashion. No psychology, no questions, no reaching to our desires. One of my favourite blogs ever!!!! Just saying what you are, or blog about can be simple enough, and you know exactly what you’re going to get.

Fashion Beans

Fashion BeansNavigation elements, “Fashion”, “Style” and “Grooming,” with attention to men. If you miss the men part, you’ll see it in the photos and the slider box on the home

Non Stop Snow

Non Stop Snow“Insider information on the ski & snowboard industry and our ski and snowboard instructor courses.”

Dr Funkenberry

Dr Funkenberry“Your daily dose of news and funk.”

A daily dose sounds like a small but potent fix, which makes it great. Like quenching your thirst for something. It’s quick, doesn’t require too much time, and it’s our daily dose. The website doesn’t even mention who Dr Funkenberry is. He could be The Artist Formerly Known As “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.” Rumour going that is Prince. Haha!

Retire In Mexico

Retire In Mexico“A Simple Guide To A Prosperous Early Retirement In Mexico.”

Okay. This was a shock to me. I have no plans on retiring for a loonnng time. I like working. And Mexico was way off my radar, but knowing how it can be done, is a great way of blogging.

Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy“A personal finance blog that won’t put you to sleep.”

The Frugal Report

Frigal ReportNavigation element, “Couponing 101.”

Robb Wolf

Robb Wolf“Eat the foods humans are designed to eat and lose weight, look great and feel your best.”

Free The Animal

Feed The Animal“Express Your Primal Genes to Experience Leanness, Health and Vitality”

I Finished My Basement

I Finished My BasementNavigational element, “Basement Ideas”


Firepole Marketing

Firepole Marketing

“Marketing That Works” -

Hiten Vyas

Hiten Vyas“Empowering you to be your best”

The Style Blogger

The Style Blogger“Fashion Tips and Style Advice from America’s “Best Dressed Real Man”

Cope With Life

Cope With Life

“helping introverts (and everyone else) learn how to cope with life obstacles”

Katie DId

Katie Did

Navigational element, “Gluten Free Recipes.”

Gigi Eats Celebrities


Gigi Eats Celebrities

“A weekly feast of celebrity diets with a side of fitness trends”

Fearless Stories

Fearless Stories“The Confidence Manifesto” in the sign up

Poly D Leadership

Poly D Leadership

“Effective Performance Coaching & Management Consulting”



“The Lowdown on Content Marketing”

Haha: Diroski

81 Finally my old message for

Diroski“Wordpress custom blog designs for businesses and entrepreneurial bloggers.”

It’s also a USP because even though there aren’t that many custom wordpress blog designers out there, not all of them cater, or explicitly say they cater just to businesses and entrepreneurs. And the funny part is, according to technorati’s “State Of the Blogosphere” address back in November of 2011, entrepreneurial bloggers only make up 13% of all bloggers out there. So it is niching things a little, but I’ve come to see that they’re one of the most passionate, and it’s wonderful working with passionate individuals and companies. I live and breathe that.

Buy my blog statement aka, the “What’s-In-It-For-Me” message has changed.

I’ve been reading the awesome book by Michael Port called, “Book Yourself Solid”, as well as Steven Van Yoder’s “Slightly Famous”, and the overriding take-away from both of these books was that I needed to deliver content, and that the USP for my business needs to be different to the USP for the content, in this case, my blog.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

It took ages to research and compile, and all the screenshots took time, but it definitely was worth it.

I’ve learnt loads from this, and hope you get as much as I got out of it.

Beautiful Comments

  1. July 30, 2012


    Hey Corey

    :) Nice to meet you! And advanced warning for the long reply.

    A “whats in it for me pitch” I think is a lot more fun for musicians like yourself.

    I checked out your homepage and you’re doing all the good things already. Your music is doing the talking. To the pass the 6 second test, people have to find that music fast, know who you are, and what you do for them. If they’re a bar manager, then if they don’t know who you are already when they come to your website, you’ve got to tell them that you do what they’re looking for. Or if a country fan ends up on your blog, they’ve got to hear you or see you.

    For example, start with (1) what you do, (2) and who you do it for. Eg. “Smooth Country For Easy Folk”. :) That’s just an example. Or you could do, “Country Singer & Guitarist For Minnesota Bars”. Take for instance…..

    This is based on an experience I had with a theme singer, who was and still is booked to perform at events and parties. I was and still am managing her website. We had a dedicated page for her music and videos, but bookings were sporadic, at least from the website side. There was even a video right at the top of the homepage.

    Then one day, she had finished a promo album, and she decided to put all the songs up on her home page. That’s at least 13 songs. And the songs were just audio files. It was one giant block. Literally, no text, just a screen and a halfs worth of audio player files with songs like, “Car Wash,” and “Together We Are Beautiful.” All of a sudden, we went from very sporadic bookings to about 5 enquiries in just as many days, with 3 bookings coming out of it. This was coupled with google local and reaching out to those looking for wedding singers in our area, even though she could sing for charties, for anniversaries etc.

    We focused on weddings. So that was an incredible find. The reality was, the music did all the talking. Before, we didn’t have enough proof that she could do what she said she could do and relied and web copy, but when we packed the homepage with music before they could even read much, those who were looking to book a singer, had overcome the doubts they had. That’s not saying everybody who came to the website ended up booking the singer, or even went to the bookings page, but the increase showed that proof was in the music.

    And you’re doing that already.

    We proved to ourself that filling the homepage with music is what brought up the enquiries, because lately, the audio players have broke on the website, and enquiries have dropped with it. Plus we use google analytics to see how many folks are coming to the website, and when they reach the homepage, what percentage go the booking page. So we know, that it’s lack of audible proof as opposed to a significant drop in traffic.

    I know this lent itself to promoting bookings, but it definitely can be applied to promoting the mailing list as well.

    To promote the mailing list, I would use video of some kind. For example, Kevin Fig’s cover of “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. He created an amazing video of himself just playing drums. Underneath is a link to download the song. In that same tact, you could use it promote your downloads via your mailing list. It’s more “in-your-face” type, but I downloaded Kevin Figs cover straight away, though, I was surprised that I didn’t have to join a mailing list to do so. So you could say, “Be part of The Corey Club to get this song free.” You can choose and test wording with google analytics if you wish. – is an example, though there isn’t much content on the first page, except a video, navigation and a sign up form.

    Hope that any of that was useful.

    Gemma D Lou

  2. July 29, 2012

    Corey Koehler

    Very thorough post. A lot of great examples. Do you have any tips for how a singer-songwriter might construct a “whats in it for me” pitch? Music is kind of a moving target.

  3. June 10, 2012

    outsourcing Romania

    Thanks and good blog.

  4. May 11, 2012


    Hey Ryze. Aaaaggghhhh!!! :D Awesome!! Thanks for tweeting this!! :D :D :D!!!! I’ve yet to discover twitter. I’m on social media baby-food right now. :)

    And yeah. Your list is super huge! I’m sure you realised that lol. So I was like…how am I going to choose? After the first 50, I was already thinking, boy, I got lots to work on. lol. Because in one post, it’s like you’ve created almost 500 micro-tips that can change lives on giga-levels. I mean, the advice of ‘just giving’, is so huge! The opportunities that have come my way because I didn’t realise I put that into practice, albeit badly,, I just figured out that I forgot that. So I rebooted that side too, and it feels great!!!

    You know what? Again. Thank you for sharing this post, and thank you for sharing the love too.


  5. May 10, 2012

    Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca

    Ahh Gemma, I’m feelin’ the love. Thanks for checking out my list, and I’m glad you chose a couple :)

    Even cooler that you like Brian Kim and Susan Jeffers!

    I’d like to see this post get around the net a bit more, so I’ma tweet it :D

  6. May 2, 2012


    493 tips?! :D That’s insane! You know I had to go and check it out right? That definitely takes some. But it was worth it. I’ve seen entire posts dedicated to just one of your tips, and you list them right out. Crazily though, tt’s hard to pick just one though. I loved a lot of them. I chose 2. Could have gone for 10 lol.

    And you dig Brian Kim. I’ve been getting his MIT’s for about a year now. He’s like Mr Motivator. :) Plus your tip on changing “if only’s” into “next time” reminds me of Sussan Jeffer’s book, “Feel the fear and do it any way.” I love that book.

    Again, thanks for leaving a comment. :) :) :D

  7. May 2, 2012

    Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca

    Lol! A 3 week post, awesome, Gemma. That might be something to highlight and draw attention to. Great marketing point.

    Reminds me of this post of mine:

    And yeah, someone posted about stolen ideas recently, I think it was Kelton over on Jon Morrow’s

    Thanks so much subscribing and for the props on my design, message, and celebrity success post. Stay tuned for more ryzing goodness :D

  8. May 2, 2012


    Hey Ryze!
    :) :) :)
    You’re brilliant. Your blog had to be included in this list. I loved your post where you included Will Smith’s perspective on skill and what makes successful folk. And still I’m learning, so I look up to you guys. This post was really important research for me.

    So thank you for honouring me with your awesomeness!!! :) And yeah. I loved your message before, but your new one talks to me like a pillow whisper. Definitely, your new design is captivating. I think I’m going to have to change the screenshot I got and update it.

    As for the “beautiful comments”? Yeah. You can steal that right out! When I created Diroski, it was 98% stolen ideas, and 2% mine.

    And writing this post? yuhuh! It took a while. I knew it would. I was warned too. Slowly I built it up over 3 weeks. But, boy it was worth it.

    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Until next time! ;)

  9. May 2, 2012

    Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca


    Wow. Just wow.

    What an epic list, I imagine this took quite a bit of putting together :)

    I recognize tons of names, and I’m also thrilled and honored to be included!

    I recently changed the home page to be even more clear, and while I still focus on game-changing, legendary strategies + tactics, on the advice of some of my mentors (Evan Carmichael, Danny Iny) I’ve re-launched my homepage.

    I personally think it’s even sexier than before, but YMMV :)

    Thanks again, and I *LOVE* the font on your “Beautiful Comments” fields – I’m even considering stealing it if you’re comfy with that :P

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