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Definition Of Success

The Diroski Manifesto

What's Behind The Definition Of SuccessYes. The Definition Of Success is the difference between finding yourself years down the line with no idea of what you’re doing with yourself, or being exactly where you always wanted to be.

If you’re fortunate, you might stumble into the dream life you never even knew you wanted.

However, if you’re like a lot of people I speak to, you have to guide yourself to success, but it starts with defining what success means, or creating a goal for you and your business.

So count me in.

But first, here’s my goals, and how they’ll be fulfilled.

I had to create one for this blog, and for the service I want to provide. Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of had their own unique definition of success, “Happiness + Constant Improvement + Contribution”. And see how successful they are at achieving a minimalistic lifestyle!!

Aim For My blog?

500 subscribersGetting 500 awesome subscribers within 9 months, by December 31st 2012.

And Aim For My Business?

Earning a side-income as a blog designer for businesses and entrepreneurs by working with 8 clients on fun and interesting blog projects within that same period.

But there’s a itchy problem with starting Diroski.

I’m technically a half-hearted blogger. At least I have been.

I’ve started and stopped many a time in the past.

So what changes things now?

Well, first off, I’ve never had a Definition of Success with my blogs. Something that determines what success means, and even better, something that quantifies success so that it can be measured and benchmarked.

“But what if I fail to achieve my goals?”

If I fail, it’s better to fail fast. Ros Taylor, a business psychologist of the, talked briefly about Starbucks’ CEO in a business mag earlier this year, how Harvard Schultz’ had a ‘fast failing‘ ideology and how that helped him propel his business into the global machine it is. I mean literally, you can walk to far without seeing Starbucks everywhere in my city.

So we mustn’t get hung-up on setting goals that we don’t know we’ll achieve, but we can definitely put the odds in our favour.Why?

Because goals won’t work by themselves, adding this essential ingredient will increase our chances succeeding.

They must come with a deadline. If we meet our goals ahead of time, we’ve over-achieved. If we don’t, then we’ve under-achieved, or at least, we weren’t realistic in our expectations of what we could achieve within that time-frame.

And the next time we set a goal, it won’t be based on pie-in-the-sky dreams, but on facts based from lessons learned by our initial attempts.

It’s Fascinating When You Meet People With Their Own Definition Of Success

Learn From Them.
“When fascinated, we’re more likely to learn new ideas, to love our work, and live more fully. “
Sally Hogshead of How To Fascinate

Not too long ago, I went for a job interview where I met this amazing young guy, only about 5 years older than myself, and he candidly admitted, that within a couple years, he will be opening a new branch of his business in Paris, San Francisco and Manhattan, all while we were sitting in his office in the heart of London, somewhere between Liverpool Street and Old Street, and he had other offices, notably in Manchester (if I remember correctly).

He wanted to retire by the age of 35, with millions of pounds in his account. And so far, he had gone from a 4 person business, to now having over 500 people working for him in a few years. Insane right!

His Definition of Success matched with a deadline is what drives him.

“He Reinforced The Fact That A Goal With A Deadline Still Isn’t Enough To Be Successful”

What’s the difference between someone who says, “I’d like to go to Paris,” and the person who says, “I’m going to Paris”? There’s a huge difference. One’s merely dreaming, one has set an actual goal.

If you’re going anywhere for a holiday, you plan how you’re going to get there. You find out what transport you can get and what time it departs. You work out how much it’s going to cost you. You plan. And then you carry out your plan.

A couple of months before, you book time off work. You buy a couple of nights in a hotel in the heart of Paris. You book your transport to get there. You save up so you can have some spending money. You sort out your passport. The night before, you pack your suitcase. The day of, you take the best route to their airport. You take action!

“That’s Why You Also Need To Plan What Action To Take!”

All of a sudden, after listening to the advice of successful bloggers, meeting guys like this young businessman in the heart of London and reading books like Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi, and “Get Clients Now” by C J Hayden, I finally realised, I had no quantitative goals when it came to business, let alone a plan on how to achieve said success.

What I lacked was planning, and without planning, what possible chance would I have, in taking the RIGHT ACTION.

That’s why I’m gunning for it this time.

“For Example, This Is Why So Many Fail At Their Weight-loss Goals….”

It seems people do one or the other.

They say they’re going to go to the gym and eat this and not eat that without having a weight-loss goal in mind, and even if they have one, they have no deadline. So after a while, they get lackadaisical with their regime and stop all together.

Then there are those who set a goal, they want to lose 5lbs by the end of summer. And then they do nothing to reach that.

I’ve done both of these things.

But times have changed.

This time, my goal in personal terms was to lose weight, 23kgs in 184 days. This started March 2nd, 2012. But wanting to lose 23 kg is not enough. That’s why I created 6 rules to follow. These rules are actionable and require me to do something, or limit myself in some way.

I had to and still have to:

  • Eat 1,500kcal or less a day
  • Eat 100g of carbohydrates or less a day
  • Eat primally-ish (as I still have soya and peanuts sometimes)
  • Drink water 3 times a day
  • Walk 350 miles within 184 days
  • Do 50 hours of HIIT (failing at this miserably) within 184 days

For the first time, I’ve seen success in working towards my weight-loss goal (7kgs after a month and 4 days), because I’ve coupled my goal with tasks that will help me achieve it. I don’t want to fail, but I know if I’m not doing one of these 6 things, then it will be harder to reach my goal of losing 23kgs.

Using that mindset, I decided to couple my goal and deadline, with a plan that requires me to take action!

To Achieve My 500 Subscriber Goal For The Blog I Will Follow These 3 Things

“Dumb mistake #7: Waiting for your traffic to snowball” -
Jon Morrow is the Founder of Boost Blog Traffic and Associate Editor of Copyblogger –

A blog is dead without content. That’s a given right? Especially regular content. But worse, a blog without traffic could be like an untapped goldmine.

So I decided to follow the advice of HarrisonAmy who said, “Content marketing is any kind of published content which ‘markets’ your business through increased exposure. This could include writing a blog post on someone else’s site or sharing content through social media sites like Twitter.”

Therefore I’ve Got To….

1. Write Insane Content

I will write 2 articles minimum a month about about what successful blogs on the blogosphere’s do that we can all imitate or at least learn from, and what design features they use to attract visitors, and encourage them to become subscribers, clients, customers and even friends.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers explains “How You Can Build Your Content Credibility”. He says, “Publishing information from academic journals isn’t for everyone. However, everyone loves when people back up their ideas with tangible, specific proof.” Therefore, I’ll be using examples, experiences, facts and hopefully case-studies from willing participants, and digging a little deeper to provide real solutions to blogging design and business questions.

2: Video Marketing

I will create at least 1 corresponding video for video marketing as there’s a lot less competition in video SEO right now.

3: Reaching Out To People

Following the advice of Peep Laja of, he says “Distribute Your Content. No epic content will help you if you don’t help the distribution along. People will not find your content by accident or via search if the site is new.” – (Guest post on

I will therefore, reach out to 30+ bloggers, magazines and journalists for local and online media to share news, or my blog posts, stories, or expertise (if I have any to offer) with them, to try and earn items of coverage that promote Diroski, at least once a month.

To Achieve My Goal For The Business, I will do these 3 things….

“Start spreading your message. Start reaching out to people and building real relationships. Start earning your way through life.”
James Clear of Passive Panda

4: Meeting Folk

I will meet new people, online and off and keep in contact with them for sharing knowledge, mentorship, being accountable to, offering advice, making referrals and doing business. 30 awesome people a month.

5: Add Proof That I Can Do What I Say I Can Do

If I tell folks that I build custom-made blogs designed for business and entrepreneurs, I need to have proof. I will create a concept blog design or a case-study of a professional job I’ve done, and post that once a month.

6: Build A Community or Mastermind

Set up an Entrepreneurial Blogging Club and meet with fellow bloggers and businesses once a month or so.

“So the three steps to achieving whatever it is you want to achieve, whether it’s for your blog, to lose weight, to gain clients, to attract customers or do whatever it is you want to do……”

1. “Know what your definition of success is in terms you can quantify”

eg. For your blog, it might be to attract 100 visitors a day or to get 500 subscribers. For your weight loss goal, it might be to lose 20 kg. For your client reaching goal, it might be you want 10 clients. For your company’s goal, it might be to grow your profits by 5%.

2. “Couple your goal with a deadline”

Deadlines make you work harder and quicker. Even better, public deadlines push you. In fact, by creating my own weight loss blog, I’m more determined to make sure I have something positive to share about my weight loss regime. So far, more than a month after starting, I haven’t touched a single morsel of chocolate! My biggest vice.

3. “Plan How You’ll Achieve Your Goal By Your Deadline”

Lastly, you need actionable steps, things that you do daily, every other day, weekly, or monthly. It’s too easy to forget about the monthly tasks that you do, and so you can even break these down into micro-tasks.

Take The Plunge

“But you must start all of this, with a definition of success”

“There is no wind that blows right for the sailor who doesn’t know where the harbour is.

Norwegian Proverb

What’s Going On…..

I want to talk about Entrepreneurial Blogging Club I want to set up. It’s going to be a peer-peer thing, and not a mailing list, for small businesses, entrepreneurs and bloggers, new or well established and everybody else in between. If you want to :

  • exchange knowledge
  • Meet other bloggers
  • Build a network of fellow bloggers
  • Get ideas for your blogging business
  • Find useful resources
  • Discover ways of promoting your blog
  • Gett traffic
  • Being accoutable to someone other than yourself

….then I welcome you to the club.

It will start with getting to know what each of our blogging goals are, and that will make us accountable, if not to ourselves, to one another. I might set up a facebook group or something, to make everybody visible to one another.

I don’t have all the answers, but I believe 2 heads are greater than one, and 10 are better than 9.

There’s no limit on the numbers, so you’re more than welcome to join.

Just email me at and say hi, and we can talk all about this blogging business, or leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this post. My first ever on!

Beautiful Comments

  1. December 13, 2012


    Thanks Trey!! The books looks awesome!!! 5 stars on amazon. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Your band looks cool with just the 2 of you guys! :)

  2. October 25, 2012


    Great post!

    Sounds like you’d really benefit from using Getting Things Done methodology by David Allen.

    You’ve got a lot of your shiitake together, and a few tricks from GTD would really help you stay on course.

    Good luck!

  3. April 13, 2012


    Thanks Peep!

  4. April 13, 2012


    Good job, Gemma. You’re well on your way.

  5. April 10, 2012


    Hi Amy

    Thank you for checking it out. I feel so honoured right now!

    I loved what you said about what content marketing is. There are tonnes of blogs dedicated to that one subject alone, and in one paragraph, you explained it in the most simplest of terms.

    It’s like you marked the line for the beginning of my journey!!!

    Again. Thank you so much for leaving a message. That’s awesome!


  6. April 10, 2012

    Amy Harrison

    I love your post Gemma.

    You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what you want, how to do it and the journey has just begun!

    Congratulations on your steps so far and keep going after those goals :-)

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