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Where Should Eye Grabbing Blog Statements Go?


Duh At The Front You Say

Imagine building a house. Where would you put the doors?

“Er….duh….at the front” you say.

Okay. Another question.

Where would that door lead to? The hallway? The living room? The dining room? the side of the house? Would you have to scale stairs first?

You know. Blog headlines and statements can be just like doors.

That’s right. The headline that sums up your whole blog can lead your visitors into a wonderful relationship where they benefit from the knowledge and entertainment you shower them with.

We know why we need blog headlines and statements to capture the attention of our newest visitors, especially if they land on our home pages. We know what styles to employ to suit our blogs, businesses and personalities. We’ve seen some awesome examples of what they look like from established bloggers.

But from a design point of view, where should these headlines go? And should it matter where it is on the screen?

Even though “you can use size, colour, contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity, texture and whitespace to make things stand out, or capture folks attention first”, says Brandon Jones of Web Design Tuts, positioning on its own plays a major factor on whether we even notice the blog statement. And there are at least 12 places you can put your blog headline or statement and make it stand out. 12 places where you can keep them.

Here goes:

Center Stage Headlines!

They go right in the middle. They stand out, even against the title of the blog.

Here’s one brilliant example from Chris Guillebeau’s blog.

Chris Guillebeau Screenshot on Diroski

Ryan Hanley also focuses his blog statement, right at the center of his website in its own space.
Ryan Hanley screenshot on Diroski

The Health Fixer is the title and blog statement rolled into one, slap-bang in your central eye view.
The Health Fixer screenshot on Diroski

Close To The Title Headlines!

Karol K says all landing page elements should help visitors make a decision to take your desired call to action. To do that, he says, “the eye flow should be well-thought-out.”  Usually, headers and titles capture our attention. Why? Joshua David McClurg-Genevese explains, “Dominance determines the visual weight of a composition, establishes space and perspective, and often resolves where the eye goes first when looking at a design.” -

So it completely makes sense to place your blog headline right under or next to the title. If your title grabs attention first, anything next to it will be in the eye’s path. Here are 10 examples.

Food Fix

Food Fix screen shot on Diroski

Sexy Focused Ambitious
Sexy Focused Ambitious screenshot on diroski

Life After College
Life After College screenshot on Diroski

Eventual Millionaire
Eventual Millionaire screenshot on Diroski

Live Bold & Bloom
Live Bold & Bloom screenshot on Diroski

Write To Done
Write To Done screenshot on Diroski

Pen & Prosper
Pen & Prosper screenshot on Diroski

Keyboard Athletes
Keyboard Athletes on Diroski

Think Traffic
Think Traffic on Diroski
This one just underwent some major changes, and it looks awesome.


And Diroski of course.

Instinctively placed. The title is like the first thing you see. So by proximity, the quiet looking blog headline has a bigger chance of getting a look in.

Feature Boxes

Feature boxes have double, and sometimes even triple purposes. First is to grab attention. No brainer right. Second is to gain subscribers. Third is expand on what the blog offers that usually can’t be summed up into one sentence alone.

Here are 5 awesome blog statements within feature boxes.
Social Triggers
Social Triggers screenshot on Diroski

Travel Blogger Academy
Travel Blogger Academy screenshot on Diroski

Young Pre Pro
Young Pre Pro screenshot on Diroski

Brigette Lyon’s Unfettered Ink
Brigette Lyon's Unfettered Ink screenshot on Diroski

A Real Change
A Real Change screenshot on Diroski

In The Side Bar, Baby

  • Don’t want to waste your header space with large blog statement?
  • Want to get straight to the point, which is your content, your blog posts, your photos and videos?
  • Placing that in the sidebar does that perfectly.

Here are some who’ve done just that.
La Petite Peach
La Petite Peach screenshot on

The Minimalists
The Minimalists screenshot on Diroski

From Farm To City
From Farm To City screenshot on Diroski

Beautyfool screenshot on Diroski

All On A Page Of Their Own, Lime Light Pages

If you don’t want to start sharing content with folk before you introduce yourself, “Lime Light Front Pages” are a great way to have a unique call to action without distracting people with blog posts and other things that tend to be on typical blog lime light page. These are generally made for the home page, and you could call them landing pages if you really want to, but they do a great job of getting their visitors to focus on what the bloggers want them to focus on first. That’s fair, right.

Here are 3 examples:


Ryze has got one giant message made for you. He’s fearless in having a video right out the blocks, and then he goes straight into displaying his books and services so you know he’s serious about what he does. All this is on his front page. You get to know him. What he’s about. And what has to offer without having to click any where.

If you don’t want your visitors to get lost in your content before they get to know who you are, Ryze show’s you a great example of this.

Ryze screenshot on diroski

The Middle Finger Project
Okay. The home page may leave you feeling overwhelmed by design-awesomeness. It’s filled with so much stuff to grab your attention, you’re going to have to dig into her content. She took her blog statement, and literally expanded on it with benefits and offerings and a visual mind-fest.

The Middle Finger Project screenshots on Diroski

Young Pre Pro
Young Pre Pro screenshot on Diroski
Okay. So Young Pre Pro features here twice, but he definitely is not leaving things to chance. He uses both feature boxes and “Lime Light Front Pages.” His home page reads like an article, tells you what to expect from the blog, who he is, and the ebook you need to get. Brilliant.

Huge Headers

Huge headers without sign-up forms do exist. They’re like giant billboards. But they’re great at displaying information right away. Here are some to get you started.

Hey Shenee
Hey Shenee has an inconspicuous sign up form, unusually on the left hand side bar. Joshua David McClurg-Genevese explains, “The visual center of any page is just slightly above and to the right of the actual (mathematical) center. This tends to be the natural placement of visual focus.”

So for whatever reason, my eyes naturally tend to travel to the right of a web page.  The first thing you’ll notice is the big turquoise headline, “Build a business that is impossible to ignore. Show up and show out,” and then I see her picture. A great way to get who she is and what her blog is all about right from the get go.
Hey Shenee screenshots on Diroski

Think Traffic
Had to mention this one again. Think Traffic has just made a leap into the responsive web design world. Corbett’s blog employs several strategies, not just having a huge header, his home page is an awesome “Lime Light Page,” with the biggest feature box ever! Corbett’s rocking it right now.
Think Traffic on Diroski

In Symmetry With The Title

“Items of similar size, shape and color tend to be grouped together by the brain.” So putting the blog headline separate from the title, is strangely enough, also a great way to make it stand out. – digital web

Get Vyral
Get Vyral screenshots on Diroski

Businesses Grow
Businesses Grow screenshots on Diroski

Connection Revolution
Connection Revolution screenshot on Diroski

In The Navigation

The next blogs don’t take up any unnecessary space explaining what they’re about in their headers. Like The Huffington Post, they leave it to their navigation to show what they’re all about. Putting your blog statement here could save you a lot of screen realty so you can put other things in front of your visitors instead.

My Destination
My Destination screenshot on Diroski

i Explore
i Explore screenshot on Diroski

Mobile App Tycoon
Mobile App Tycoon screenshot on Diroski

It’s All In The Posts

No feature boxes. No “Lime Light” pages. No hint in the navigation. No side hinting either.

What’s the following blog all about?

Thankfully, her blog posts are all themed in a way that you get what she’s all about. Kind’a like newspapers who have giant front page headlines. It’s the headlines that make a lot of folks choose which paper to read at a news stand.

You could even use photos to build up the theme of your blog.
Jade Craven
Jade Craven screenshot on Diroski

So the question.

Where have you put your blog headlines?

Feel free to share your favourite ways of placing blog headlines, including your own. And if you’re building a new blog or re-designing one, I’d love to know what you’re thoughts are on “Eye Grabbing Blog Headlines,” and whether you think they’re useful.

Beautiful Comments

  1. July 24, 2012


    :) Hey. It’s cool you think so. I’m no where near your level yet. I’ve got a good number to write still.

  2. July 23, 2012

    Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca

    You could make a book out of all your awesome list posts!

    E#amples :)

  3. July 7, 2012


    Aaahh!!! :) You’re killing me with kindness again! Thank you. I got to say, they’re fun to write because I end up discovering little things that I wouldn’t have noticed without writing them. They take a little while to write, but are so worth it, especially when folks find them insightful. I dig that!!

    Thank you again for coming over. You must be hell’a'va busy! I feel you for sure ;)

  4. July 7, 2012

    Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca

    Gemma! You’re doing something really unique and wonderful here.

    You really, really zone in with Ample Examples on trends in the blog scene.

    I’m not that big on list posts, but yours always feel amazing and I can feel the love, analysis, effort and wisdom in them.

    Thank you so much for being you and sharing with the world.

    And once again, thanks for the nod to Ryze, glad you’re feelin’ me ;)

  5. July 4, 2012


    I cnanot tell a lie, that really helped.

  6. June 13, 2012


    Hey Jade

    I’m psyched you found it resourceful. :D :D Your website was very different from all the others in that, you themed it in such a way that I got exactly what you were all about. I don’t think I could pull that off myself.

    And thanks for commenting. That’s awesome! Keeps me on track too.

  7. June 13, 2012

    Jade Craven

    Dude. Great post! Seriously. I´ve been plotting a redesign for a while – hence the incredibly basic theme. I´ve been trying to find best practices and case studies as a reference point and have been struggling. This is so helpful. It´s one of the best list posts I´ve seen :)

    And trust me – I´m aware of all the failings of my blog at the moment. :) I´ve had so much work that I haven´t been able to dedicate the proper amount of time to it. I guess I´ve been trying to deflect attention away from my site.

    Thanks for this awesome resource,

    - Jade

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